About Us

Executive and Leadership positions on the GNSS are nominated and elected annually by the graduate nursing student body. Executive members (except VP) are elected in the Winter term. Leadership members (including VP) are elected in the Fall term. Click here to learn more about our Fall and Spring Elections, and how to join GNSS.

Executive members attend an Executive team meeting monthly. All Executive and Leadership members attend a Leadership team meeting monthly. Login with your University email address to view the GNSS Constitution, Member Contact Information, Finance Documents, and all Meeting Minutes.

2020 – 2021 Executive Members

President Meagan Noble
Vice PresidentAshley Ahuja
Equity and Diversity DirectorRamzia Ashrafi
Sr. Communications DirectorEmma Bingham
Sr. Finance DirectorJustin Struss
Sr. Social DirectorNavisha Weerasinghe
Sr. Creative DirectorNicole Meleca
Sr. GSU RepresentativeChantal Campbell

2020 – 2021 Leadership Members

Jr. Communications DirectorMaddy Ross
Jr. Finance DirectorDewa Amini
Jr. Social DirectorEmily Fung
Jr. GSU RepresentativeBonnie Lum
Nima Nur
Jr. Creative Director Jessica Boccadoro
Year 1 Clinical RepresentativeThirisangi Thiruparanathan
Year 2 Clinical RepresentativeJoanna Martin
Year 1 HSLA RepresentativeBethany Beech
Year 2 HSLA RepresentativeKinza Malik
Year 1 NP PHC RepresentativeShahnaz Kamali Andani
Year 2 NP PHC RepresentativeStephanie Lawrence
Year 1 NP Adult RepresentativeMegan Ellison
Year 2 NP Adult RepresentativeSukhdip Grewal
NP Pediatrics RepresentativeNikki Berza
PhD RepresentativesChristina Medeiros
Franklin Gorospe
Stephen Adombire
Faculty LiaisonLisa Cranley